Do You Have The IQ Of a Genius?
Looking To Use Some of the Membership Platforms Out Today Then You Will Need One!
If you have ever tried to install and set up a membership platform then you need the IQ of a genius to get started. Different levels to be set, different access points, set up the delivery, login, goes on and on.

From time to time I have tried all the big membership platforms. All I wanted to do is set up and simple membership site and get going but most of the platforms took a week of learning before I could even start!

So many different sections to learn before you could start protecting your content, and with so many moving parts get something wrong and your whole site is broken!

All I wanted was a simple solution just click and go. Upload the software and start protecting and building your site within just a hour.

How amazing would that be:
STEP 1: Upload the software
STEP 2: Add a few settings
STEP 3: Protect your content
If it was that easy you could concentrate on what is most important and that is creating traffic and content for your site not worrying about all the 100’s of different features that just don’t matter.
Introducing Membership SAAS Master Tool
This is by far the easiest membership platform you will ever install. Upload and adjust a few settings and you are ready to go. Start protecting your sites straight away.

But this software doesn’t stop at being just a membership site, oh no this is much more. You ever want to just protect a download rather than a whole site then you can do that with this brand new software as well.

You can protect anything from:
  • Zip files
  • Image files
  • Plugins
  • Software downloads
  • Ebooks
  • Video files
  • Anything that can be downloaded can be protected!
You can also set different download options:

Set a timer for the download

Set a cookie limit

Set a download limit number

And much more
A simple and easy to use script for protecting membership site’s and membership files
Make sure you lock in access today for the lowest price this will ever be.
Here is our promise to you. Try the Membership Master SAASTool package risk free for 30 days and if it is not right for you then all you need to do is send us a support ticket and we will refund every penny of your purchase.
No questions asked...
No quibble...
Just a full refund...